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    [quote='boca']vs Sierra Leone 23.05.2012. Mohammed Kassid - Samal Saeed, Walid Bahar, Ali Hussein Rehema, Bassim Abbas, - Nashat Akram, Karrar Jassim, Hawar Mulla Mohammed, Muthana Khalid, Ibrahim Kamil - Younis Mahmoud (Emad Mohammed, Hammadi Ahmed, Mostafa Karim, Farid Majid, Alaa Abdul Zahra) p.s. There probably wasnt any other substitutes. Source:[/quote]
    [quote='Anonymous']merci archivst !!!!!!!!! je te repond en français si tu me le permet ..... - pour les logo des federation de foot , il faut verifier ( tous les pays !!! ) va sur le site de wikipédia - football - equipe nationale ( classer par continent ) -hongrie , belarus ..... nouveau logo 2006 !!!!![/quote] well, do you really think we should use Wikipedia as THE resource for logos? I'm not sure if the info at Wikipedia is reliable enough so I rather stick to the association's websites. As I said, I have checked the Hungarian page and there's still the same logo as we have - or please tell me the difference between these logos: [img][/img] -> Fifa website [img][/img] [img][/img] -> Hungarian association page, [img][/img] -> taken from I'll change the Belarus logo soon, thanks for that info.
    [quote='archivist']Hi Benjamin ! Damn, I still cannot create my profile so it's impossible to send you a private mail. Well, here's my (provisional) e-mail (I'll give you my real e-address after your reply) :[/quote] you can´t create a profile here? Means, you can´t register or something? Please let me know what kind of problems you are experiencing and I´ll check it.
    [quote='archivist']Concerning the DRC flag, you changed the big one but not the small ones, look :[/quote] um, please try to reload the page again or clean your cache - as I have changed the small flag as well :)
    [quote='Anonymous']benjamin , do you general correction in 2006 : 2 new NATIONAL FLAG in 2006 ( venezuela and D.R congo ) and verification al : FOOTBALL FEDERATION LOGO ........ in the world !!!!!! exemple new federation logo 2006 : in ireland republic and hungary !!!!!!!!! and bosnia ( not more the yellow star in the bosnia country of the federation logo)[/quote] Thanks, I´ve changed the Congo flag and the Irish and Bosnian logo now. (there are quite a lot variations of the irish logo at the official page, so I´ve just chosen one of them). Like Benjamin says, we can´t find a new Venezuela flag and we don´t see any changes in the Hungarian logo though. Do you have any links?
    [quote='Benjamin'][quote='Anonymous']@cheap are you nuts? Stop that you wanker,we don´t want to see any comercial..[/quote] I will have to do a registration thing here - the spambots have discovered the forum. I'm sorry, really wanted to avoid this, as I hate registering for forums when you just want to leave a short message. Still, no way around this.[/quote] yes, looks like we´ll have to do this - I´ve just deleted lots of spam postings in here once again... :evil:
    yes, you are right. But geographically its rather belonging to Africa, so we decided to put it there. And its not part of any football association anyway,so this was just fitting better into our map. Hope thats OK for you!
    sorry people, just re-installing the whole forum, looks like some idiot has hacked it... so please wait with posting til... lets say, in a few hours. Hopefully then everything will be OK again. Thx for your patience.