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    [quote='archivist']Sounds like a classic problem of eastern europe club whose name changes so much that some players' club careers include an anachronic club name. Viktoria Sényő ? I'm pretty sure it's FC Sényő [url][/url] Spartacus Kiskőrös ? Probably this club [url][/url] So I'll correct considering this data.[/quote] Great, I didn't expect such a quick response! I'm usually not that bad at Eastern European clubs, but Hungary appears to be an exception to me...
    Desperately looking for Hungarian clubs Viktoria Sényő (???) and Spartacus Kiskőrös (ancestor of Stadler FC Kiskőrös?), any data available will be welcome!
    [quote='Benjamin']@Alex: I think we have all your information updated. I'll have a look at GDR league stats next, because apparently we haven't done anything on them yet. Thanks a lot, I like getting these stats correct, although the stats for second teams are always a pain in the ass to update. ;)[/quote] I think I took care of almost everything here, except the first post on this page... Need to have a look at previous pages though, I always forget to!
    I've edited yesterday's match vs Cameroon, do you find the lineup more sensible? If not, please don't hesitate to speak up ;)
    [quote='boca']Croatia vs Mali formations completely wrong. I wonder who made this? Croatian formation always wrong, over and over and over again. I suggest that you let me edit Croatian formations every time, I watch EVERY match they play...[/quote] Please try to be respectful, we're doing our best out here. I'm the one who did that, but as we try to do things quickly there may be mistakes about formations (I hate just adding players without any formation so every time we know each player's possible positions I do what seems sensible)... Anyway corrections are ALWAYS welcome (if you haven't done it before I do) ;)
    [quote='Lucretia']hello, this is Benjamin's girlfriend: Unfortunately Ben can't be online for a few days, so there'll be probably not many chnages in the website in the next days. Thanks for understanding.[/quote] I can take care of the forum part as much as I can :yes:
    [quote='boca']Oumar Abakar - libero, but put CB as you probably don't have that position. Or you have?[/quote] Libero is also sweeper in English - that's behind CB, isn't it?
    [quote='PAULOM37']Abebe, Abraham (ETH) Not a lineup for this player but sub: ETHIOPIA Samson ASFAW Worku, Fikru TEFERRA Lamessa, Moges TADESSE Bogale, Girma BEKELE Debelle, Yared ZINABU Showatir, Mehari MENA Medelcho, Gathoch PANOM Yeich, Tilahun WOLDE Beyene (Chala DRIBA Debala 73), Yusuf YASSIN, Robel TSEGA, Yonatan KEBEDE (Abraham ABEBE Kassaye 46) (Eliyas MAMO Gebremariam 75)[/quote] So if I understood well, I added one start to Yonatan Kebede?
    [quote='boca']In those cases, I would always belive that player is older, because of well-known situations to us of age cheating...[/quote] I know what you mean and I understand, yet it's hard to find out finally what their real birthday is, while official information is somehow comfortable for us!
    [quote='Michael Morrison']Canada - Belarus 0-2 (25.03.13) Canada - Tomer CHENCINSKI, Andre HAINAULT, David EDGAR, Dejan JAKOVIC, Marcel DE JONG (Ashtone MORGAN 80), Julian DE GUZMAN (Simeon JACKSON 45), Will JOHNSON, Atiba HUTCHINSON (Kyle BEKKER 68), Randy EDWINI-BONSU (Marcus HABER 69), Stefan CEBRARA (Pedro PACHECO 45), Tosaint RICKETTS Belarus - Alyaksandr HUTAR, Ihar SHITAW, Maksim BARDACHOW, Dzmitry VERKHAWTSOW, Aleh VERATSILA, Edhar ALYAKHNOVICH, Renan BRESSAN (Illya ALEKSIYEVICH 45), Syarhey BALANOVICH, Anton PUTSILA (Alyaksandr PAWLAW 45), Stanislaw DRAHUN (Syarhey KISLYAK 45), Vital RADZIVONAW (Uladzimir KHVASHCHYNSKI 81) Goals: Vital RADZIVONAW 29, Uladzimir KHVASHCHYNSKI 88[/quote] I have Pawlaw in at '45 but for Bressan, Aleksiyevich in for Balanovich at '83, and Putsila only replaced at '90 by Chukhley... Does that make sense?