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    Xavian Virgo is missing a game: In 2007, I count 4 games, but you only say 2 games+1 non-FIFA (vs. Chile), one of Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran is not counted (check, if maybe also with other players) If I'm not wrong, Virgo also came on vs. El Salvador as a sub for Je-Vaughn Watson (90th minute) So, in total it should probably be 20 games, 1 goal + 2 non-FIFA games.
    Haiti - Brazil is actually a FIFA game (yes, sounds weird with so many substitutions)
    Final score is wrong (it was 4:1) and there should be more substitutions for Puerto Rico - if I'm not wrong, Javier Lalondriz, Karlos Ferrer and Joan Morales came in too
    It was Romario not Jomo Harewood who came in at USVI vs. Barbados: substitutions for Barbados vs. St. Kitts:
    At the WCQ game between USVI and British Virgin Islands, it was Trevor Peters, not Frandy Felix (on the bench) who played. The substituted player in the 42nd minute was Javier Smith, not Jevon (FIFA writes him Jevone, so that should probably be changed too) Demming.
    Are Woodrow West and Rai West the same person? At least in the game that Rai West played, it was actually Woodrow.
    It was Alfredo Mejía, not Jona Mejía who played at Mexico - Honduras
    At Bermuda - Guatemala, it was Rai Simons, not Lejuan Simmons who came in
    It was Sánder Fernández who came in vs. Honduras (0:3), not Reysander Fernández Edit: Julio Pichardo and Julio Ramos are the same person
    I count 8 matches here, you just say 7 saw that with other french guianese players as well - seems that one of the games is not counted properly (could be that just the side of French Guiana is not counted as the numbers of the opponent players seem to match) Edit: It's probably the game vs Guyana as Stanley Ridel's goals are not counted
    At Cayman - Belize it was Jason Ebanks and not Derrin Ebanks who featured: and at Belize - Cayman it was Jason Ebanks and not Nicholas Ebanks. According to FIFA, there were also just 2 players subbed-in and Matthew Suberan did not feature but 3 subs at Belize: Denmark Casey also featured
    Jason Lovell was born on 03 Oct 1989, not the date that's here It was John Parris not Tristan Parris, who got on at the 32nd minute here: He is called Christopher Casey, not Caisey And he Domico, not Damico Coddington If you count Marquel Waldron's games, you get 6, but there are just 5 caps awarded (3 in 2008 at country-statistics with 4 played in the games folder)
    The Nicaragua national team player is called Byron Bonilla Martínez, born August 30, 1993 in Granada, Nicaragua. He plays for the Costa Rican second division team Sporting San José (if I'm not mistaken, they were founded prior to this season). The one you have there is a former El Salvador under 20 national team player, but they are not the same.