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    St. Kitts vs. TCI: Nile Walwyn also came on for St. Kitts. Lenford Singh also came on for Turks & Caicos (team with just 2 subs) Belize vs. Grenada was non-FIFA: Trinidad vs. Guyana and Ecuador vs. Trinidad were non-FIFA:
    Aneuris Feliz loaned for this season to Atlético Vega Real: Bryan Jiménez moved there too: Yefri Reyes, Alexandre Boucicaut and Hermes Palomino (he had a short stint at Persija Jakarta between January and March) play there too:
    Jurien Gaari came on vs. Puerto Rico (Halftime sub for Gevaro Nepomuceno) Bradley Bubb came on as a sub vs. Jamaica (Byron Bubb was already on the field), the yellow card was also for Bradley, not Byron FIFA counted 2nd goal vs. St. Vincent for Ricky Shakes, not Daniel Wilson (the exact times are also a little bit different - same with subs & cards), yellow card for Dwain Jacobs, not Walter Moore. Which of Alcénat's games in 2008 do you consider non-FIFA? They are all FIFA games:
    Full details on Dominica - Barbados
    Gregory Rigters passed away on Monday And it was Roxey Fer, not him, who scored vs. Nicaragua:
    Denron Daniel plays now with Shamrock FC (Grenada), Roma Frank with FC Camerhogne (Grenada). No idea when they moved.
    Dwain Jacobs plays with Police (Guyana), Trayon Bobb with Uitvlugt (Guyana) and Anthony Benfield with Nishan 42 (Suriname). No idea, when they moved there
    [quote='Kamil',''] He played 2 matches in gold cup, but one is listed as fifa match and other as non fifa. [/quote] Because one was against Martinique who are not a FIFA member. So everything's alright with these games. Martinique - Panama was also non-FIFA. For the Panamanian players it's wrongly listed as FIFA game, though.
    Saudi-Arabia vs. Jamaica was non-FIFA: As it seems right now, Nicaragua vs. Dominican Republic will be too (I would wait until it's totally clear, though)
    Byron Usher played in 16/17 in CONCACAF CL for Police United, not sure when he moved there and whether he still plays there Same with John King, Amin August and Carlton Thomas San Leobardo Méndez played in 15/16 in CONCACAF CL for Verdes, not sure when he moved there and whether he still plays there Same with Najib Guerra Dalton Eiley played last week in CONCACAF League for Belmopan Bandits, no idea when he got there Same with Kervin Johnson Georgie Welcome too - he definitely came this summer
    I believe in 2010, the non-FIFA game is Mexico - Spain. However FIFA does count it as a FIFA game (like all the other friendlies in 2010 that are shown for Mexico)
    Justo Lorente was born 1984, not 1994. Asked about exactly that when he moved to Costa Rica. No idea why many pages have him 10 years younger... And I forgot: He moves to UNAN Managua for 17/18 season