Ahmed Al-Sarori ( Corrections )

  • Hello dear how are you I hope you are fine, I am the Yemeni player Ahmed Abdulhakim Ahmed Al-Hemyari. I want your help in changing the family name from (Ahmed Abdulhakim Ahmed Al-Sarori) to (Ahmed Abdulhakim Ahmed Al-Hemyari), because the family name on the ID card and passport is (Al-Hemyari), not (Al-Sarori), I hope you will help me as soon as possible, Because it causes me more problems when the the family name is different from the name on the identity card and passport, I am waiting for your help as soon as possible. Thank you

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  • Everyone, please ignore any messages by this user. He has witten idiotic amounts of e-mails to me, contacted me via facebook, and threatened to sue me. He clearly is not the football player Ahmed Abdulhakim Al-Sarori.

    It is extremely annoying. To all people working on the database: Please don't change the player's name or birthdate.

  • Yes, this so called youtuber from Yemen, has previously pretended to be a musician also.... Not sure what his motives are but he is clearly not a footballer.

    But seems to have changed the wikipedia profile of Sarori to his and soccerway, soccerzz, playmakerstats, flashscore, soccerstand and many more have fallen for his lies/theatrics.

    Glad you spotted it

  • Maybe it's supposed to be a prank, and he and his youtube followers get enjoyment through him acting like a complete moron?

    It was really quite annoying, and took us a lot of time. Time that we really need for other things. I mean, look at how little time I have for the forum, and you guys are really important for the site!