Video analysis

  • I don't know if we have guys here who enjoy watching old tubes of historic matches to find out some missing substitutions or yellow cards. Personally, watching old games is definitely not my hobby. Here I must admit that my auditory understanding in any foreign language is really poor. But maybe we have guys here who are really enjoying watching historic games finding out some missing details which would get lost otherwise.

  • 1996-03-22 United Arab Emirates vs. Egypt

    So, that's the first game. I saw that national-football-teams had been missing the entire Emirati infos. Thankfully, around 6' minutes in the tube the Emirate line-up was written on the screen. By skipping through the tube I saw some event graphics, like a yellow card for Zuhair Bakheet. Sadly, I couldn't see any clock running, so if we want to know minutes, we have to do the maths by ourselves starting from kick-off.
    During the second half, we see a substitution at this point : Number 14 is going off and 22 is entering the game. Number 14 was by the starting line-up graphic Khamis Saad. By the new substitution graphic Number 22 is "Saeed Khamis", as in the system we don't have any player by this name, and this name looks really similar to the exchanged player, I am not sure if this graphic is correct.