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    Zelfy Nazary was born in Jaghori, Afghanistan, not in Brisbane, Australia.

    I have him as born in Perth (Western Australia). His family is from Jaghori and move to the Perth region either shortly before or after his birth. Looking at the "1-1-DOB", that could indicate an Afghan birthplace, so maybe you are right and I am wrong. Either way, he is not born in Brisbane as the first time he move to Queensland was for the 2018 season during which he became a national team player.

    please fix these:...2. Riyadh Jumaa, also a Libyan international in the late 1990s, is a Midfielder according to his page at So please fix his position. His link is https://www.national-football-…r/75139/Riyadh_Jumaa.html.

    Something general, for Chw2012 but also for everyone working on databases Benjamin

    It seems that several datasites, like footballdatabase, ZeroZero or National-Football-Teams are setting position as midfield by default sometimes. It's not a bad one, as player positions are quite changeable, like a player could play as left back, left midfielder or left winger, so he would be technically a defender, midfielder and striker. So, "midfielder" can be often the right guess, and it makes at least clear that the player was an outfielded player and not a keeper. So, when not knowing the position of a player, I would take "midfielder" from footballdatabase (or similiar sites) rather than leaving it "unknown". On the other side, I would be careful with "correcting" the position into "midfielder" based on footballdatabase (or similiar sites). In these cases, I would stick with "defender" or "forward" until I read an article (or watch a tube) in which the player is mentioned/seen as a midfielder or best with his detailed position (attacking, defensive, right, left or centre midfielder).

    The height of Mustapha Kiddi (https://www.national-football-…73483/Mustapha_Kiddi.html) is 1.83 m as well. Pate (https://www.national-football-…om/player/15810/Pate.html), a Cape Verdean, also played for Raja Casablanca in Morocco for the 2006/07 season.

    Great find with the height of Mustapha Kiddi. Was searching it by myself yesterday, but didn't found it.

    The 'Pate' case sounds really interesting. Strangely, nobody has him in the Raja Casablanca squad: MFA, wiki, footballdatabase, transfermarkt, etc. all have missed him. Have you a source that he was actually playing for Raja? Or could it be that he was loaned to another club (maybe 2nd tier) ? If he really played for Raja we may could get some further infos like his position, given name, birthdate/or age?

    3. Merge two Ouazzani's (the Algerian 21738 and the Moroccan 79493) into one. The correct one is the code 21738; Ouazzani have also been capped for Morocco once in 1994 when he was playing there before returning to play for Algeria.

    Have you any further source for Ouazzani having played for Morocco? As I couldn't find anything to verify.

    The one cap the "Moroccan Ouazzani" did collect, was against Finland. As a substitute for Mustapha El Haddaoui. But in fact the entering player should have been Aziz El Ouali.

    Morocco Football Archive (MFA) list this match in their thread


    (23/2/1994)[STADE MOHAMED V:12.000]

    Maroc-Finlandie 0-0

    Said Deghay,Rachid Daoudi,Noureddine Naybet,Abdellah Nacer,Ismael Triki,Aziz Lagraoui,Rachid Azzouzi(??-Tahar el Khalej/??-Redouane Hajry),Mustapha el Haddaoui(??-Aziz Ouali),Mustapha Hadji,Mohammed Chaouch(??-Hassan Nader),Mjid Bouyboud

    Entraineur:Abdellah Ajri

    ARBITRE:Abdelaziz Belleftouh

    To me MFA is the best source for Morocco. Also footballdatabase is listing Aziz El Ouali on the bench at their match report.

    Would have been a nice coincidence that Tahar Chérif El Ouazzani would have got a farewall cap for Morocco while playing for Raja Casablanca. FIFA rules may have been less strict in the 80s/early 90s, but it is really hard to tell without a source. So until further notice we go by MFA listing El Ouali as sub for that match vs Finland.

    El Ouali did also played the previous match against Slovakia earlier that month. So, it makes sense being him. We had several misspelled entries in the Morocco historic squads (for example two other for 1994), which I am just about to clear up.

    I did make adjustments in bold red. That's the players I have seen in the picsets published on the AFA fb page. If required I can share pics, but don't want to flood the forum here. So, I add just one showing the substitution of Murray for Scipio. There is also a picture showing somewhat looks like an aftermatch pic with Keante Brooks still wearing his warm-up kit. So, he may was an unused sub. Neither I can't find any evidence that one of the two reservekeepers D. Carty and M. Brooks came in.

    rogerb Never bother to delete the shirt numbers. Personnally, I even prefer posts with shirt numbers as it allows easily to double-check when certain players are unclear or mistaken. Going through the AFA picset, Chilin had #13 while Cordero had #7, if this help you to determinate the scorers to the minutes.

    Many thanks, excellent job.

    Abdul Hakim (coach) created and set for the match vs Pakistan. Pic is added (I used your user name).

    The only thing I didn't understand is the mix-up, because the Karachi Presidents Gold Cup hasn't had any coach. The former national defender Abdul Hakim has been set as coach for the Asian Games. So, either you just wanted to advert a possible future mix-up (which was a very good point of yours), or Bangladesh had a different coach for Asian Games?

    2022-07-24 Mozambique vs Zambia

    Mozambique's substitues had been listed here.

    This SportsPage covered the match, and 3 out of these 4 substitution had been mentioned by the minutes.

    2022-09-02 Madagascar vs Botswana

    video on facebook

    Missing Botswana substitutions

    match sheet provided by mikaelj



    Madagascar 1-1 Botswana = 2-1

    MAD:Mario Carlos 23

    BOT:Lebogang Ditsele 66

    Venue:Kianja Barea Mahamasina


    Referee:Alfred Jelly Chavani (RSA)

    Assistant referees: (RSA)/ (RSA)

    Fourth official:Luxulo Badi (RSA)

    Booked:Tsilavina Fanomezantsoa "Drogba" 9,Carlos 30

    MAD:16 Nina-

    17 Dadafara Rafidison,15 Datsiry,5 Berajo,3 Tantely-

    13 Tsiry,22 Ando (c) (6 Tony 73),10 Dax (18 Rojo 72)-

    7 Koloina (19 Tendry 46),9 Tsilavina Fanomezantsoa "Drogba" (23 Lucien Kassimo 'Fôrôsy' 55),12 Carlos (11 Rinjala 46)

    Coach:Romuald Rokotondrabe

    BOT:23 Goitseone Phoko-

    13 Alford Velaphi,20 Tebogo Kopelang,2 Thato Kebue,12 Mothusi Johnson-

    8 Gofaone Mabaya,4 Mosha Gaolaolwe (C),18 Lebogang Ditsele-

    9 Mbatshi Elias,17 Thero Setsile,10 Baokeditswe Talane

    Bench:16 Lesenya Malapela,22 Gape Thibedi,14 Tawana Mbakile,15 Tlamelo Kolagano,6 Doctor David,3 Godfrey Tauyatswala,11 Shaun Theron

    Coach:Mogomotsi Mpote

    Skipping through the video so far, I just noticed #3 Godfrey Tauyatswala on the left wing during the 2nd half. Maybe you can spot some more Botswana subs playing.

    Skipping through the video I spotted a 5th malagasy substitution.

    I hope this one doesn't come too nitpicking. Especially, as I am almost sure that mikaelj and most of the guys here are aware, that #16 has been Arsene Tuyisenge. There is no Andre Tuyisenge in pro football. Still, here may are some people reading who are not aware of this typo, so I thought mentioning it.

    Just in case a further local Source is needed, with picture and text proof.

    Great job. Many thanks for all the links, which let us see clearer. I corrected the starting line-up vs Nepal, and also attributed the Shahed/Towhidul matches to the right guy, by creating the profile for Towhidul Alam Towhid

    No. On the pics we see the two different guys. Team pic without subtitled date is 2016-03-24 vs Jordan (World Cup qualifier). So, in fact two played. Judging by the numbers I concluded 2015 subs. Though I don't have 2011 SAFF Cup pics. I am not entirely sure about the video link you shared. I can't recognize him clearly. At 5:21 we see him during anthem line-up. You could be right, that the 1993 player played the 2011 SAFF Cup. But you are not right that the 1991 player didn't played at all.

    I already changed it (Usually I correct these things whilst looking at stuff after adding it), but it might still be in your cache for a day or so.

    I hope the melanesian cup has been dealt with sufficiently by me, it was very interesting, with loads of players having switched clubs. Looks much better now.

    Another of such mistakes is the venue. Like mikaelj correctly posted the whole competition was played in Korman Stadium, Port Vila. There had been NO matches in Luganville, even if this had been planed at some point. Venue is already corrected to Korman Vila, but could appear as Luganville stadium in some cache.

    You are a genious, that pic clears it all. I was searching such, but was trapped to the old Hekari United fb page not finding the new page. Additionally, the fb search function internly for each page doesn't seem to work out for me, not giving any results for "Moses" or "Abel". So, great find of yours.

    In the team pic you can see who is Abel and who is Moses. I think one major problem for both of us, is that Abel Redenut has had the same haircut in early 2016, which now has Moses Joe, who has also changed his hairstyle the last 4 years. But Abel is 6 years older now having a different style now, too. For me, the team pic is proving once more my sources, who haven't let me done in PNG previously.

    mikaelj Once more, GREAT JOB with the 2022 Melanesian Cup. There is nothing more I can add here. To get some more used subs, I was going to click through the picture albums of "Vodacom Vanuatu" facebook page, and the official tournament facebook page "MSG Prime Ministers Cup 2022", realizing soon, that you did that probably by yourself already as all seen entering subs had been already on your list. So, there is just one question: How do you know that #27 was Abel Redenut? In fact Abel Redenut was on the (pre-)selection list, but I have a different starter for this match:
    It's Hekari United defender Moses Joe. He can be seen here with #3.

    Hi - I think I added everything except the melanesian cup matches. At the moment we have a problem with newly created tournaments (which I had to do, as the cup changed its name), we cannot edit them. So I have to wait until my programmer comes back from South Africa. It's abit of a mess, really sorry.

    Personally, I would prefer keep on going by the Melanesian Cup. It's the same region and the same tournament. Still called Melanesian Cup in 2022, even if the new label name is "MSG Prime Minister's Cup". Never knowing how many editions will be played before the next new label will be launched, forcing us to create more and more tournaments in our system which is actually just one. So, I would just create a 2022 edition for Melanesian Cup. Just my point of view.