Mozambique Births

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Mozambique Births

Post by bakerrp » Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:32 am

Last year the Mozambique FA issued a new licence card to each of its players. The new licence number includes the player's date of birth, so checking through the disciplinary records for players I come up with the following missing birth dates.

Reinildo 21/01/94
Fernando Jose Cesar (Nando) 07/11/84
Nelito 11/02/88
Barrigana 08/12/88
Manuelito Chiluvane 02/11/85 (The date we have is Manuelito Uetimane's birthday)
Mauro Mazuze 31/12/93
Sozinho 14/07/91
Ilisio 25/04/88
Sanito 25/06/88
Jordao 13/05/90

The limit of the system is that the licence is issued in the player's real name, rather than the one that he plays under.

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