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Re: Qatar missing match data

Posted: Fri May 31, 2013 5:35 pm
by boca
Okay, first time that i will post positions of players from one match. The caps are added already, but we don't have formation. I will always follow the script of going from right to left. Here we go:

vs Thailand 17.3.2013.

Formation: 4-4-1-1

Qasem Burhan - Mosaab Mahmoud Al-Hassan, Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Ghanim, Ibrahim Abdulmajid , Abdelkarim Hassan Fadlalla - Hamid Ismail Khalifa, Talal Al-Bloushi , Wesam Rizik Abdulmajid, Hassan Khalid Al-Haydos - Khalfan Ibrahim Al-Khalfan - Sebastián Soria Quintana

To explain one more time to avoid possible confusions - Mosaab Mahmoud is here right back, Abdelkarim Hassan left back, same Hamid Ismail is right wing, Hassan Khalid left wing etc...

Re: Qatar missing match data

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:17 pm
by boca
Stats already added, here's the formation. Positions are from right to left (GK - RB, RCB, LCB, LB - RM, CM, CM, LM - AM - CF):

vs Malaysia 6.2.2013.


1 Qasem Burhan - 2 Hamid Ismail Khalifa, 14 Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Ghanim, 13 Ibrahim Abdulmajid, 19 Khalid Muftah - 11 Hassan Khalid Al-Haydos, 15 Talal Al-Bloushi, 17 Abdul Aziz Al-Sulaiti, 3 Abdelkarim Hassan Fadlalla - 10 Khalfan Ibrahim Al-Khalfan - 23 Sebastián Soria Quintana

Re: Qatar missing match data

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:49 pm
by s2pid
vs. Mauritius 5.9.2013 ... 67755.html

It's transfermarkt... don't know how accurate that really is.

vs. Lebanon 9.9.2013 - Apparantly more subs and certain subs replacing different players as opposed to the data that's already on the database.

Qassim Burhan; Ibrahim Al Ghanem, Mohamed Kasula, Youssef Moftah (62' Hamed Ismael), Abdul Karim Hassan (79' Adil Lami); Talal Al Baloushi (62' Khaled Abdul Raouf), Wissam Rizk (66' Abdullah Afifa), Hassan Al Haydos (74' Ali Afif), Khalfan Ibrahim (62' Jeddo); Abdul Kader Elias (74' Maged Mohamed), Sebastian Soria (74' Jarallah Al Marri) ... results=10

Re: Qatar missing match data

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:48 pm
by bakerrp
The Qatar Mauritius data that I posted on the Missing Data portion a couple of days ago came from someone who was at the match, so hopefully that should be as definitive as we can get.

Re: Qatar missing match data

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:43 am
by bakerrp
Qatar details from the Macedonia friendly, in May

30/05/14 Qatar 0 Macedonia 0 Manlio Scopigno, Rieti Paolo TAGLIAVENTO (Italy)

QATAR Qasem BURHAN (Saad AL SHEEB 14), Bilal MOHAMED (Abdul Kader ILYAS 46), Ibrahim ABDUL MAJID (Almahdi Ali MOKHTAR 46), Mousa Mohamed ABBAS (Moussa MAHMOUD 46), Abdulkarim HASSAN (Ismail MAHMOUD 46), Ahmed ABDEL MAQSOOD (Qambar Ali ASADULLAH 46), Abdulrahman MOHAMED (Khaled MEFTAH 46), Hassan AL HAYDOOS (Khaled ABDEL RAOUF 46), Boualem KOUKHI (Meshal ABDULLA 46), Abdulaziz HATEM, Khalfan IBRAHIM (Abdulrahman Issa AL BAKR 46)

Re: Qatar missing match data

Posted: Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:33 pm
by s2pid
Looks like we get to fill in more blanks. As per Superkoora:

vs. Macedonia 30.5.2014
Add sub Ismail Mohammed. He replaced Abdulaziz Hatem at 46'

vs. North Korea, 11.6.2013
Ahmed Sofian, Hamid Ismail (Mohamed Gedo 69'), Mohammed Kasola, Ibrahim Al-Ghanim, Khalid Muftah (Abdul Karim Hassan 46'), Wisam Rizk (Yusuf Ahmed 73'), Khalfan Ibrahim, Husain Ali Shehab (Talal Al-Balushi 46'), Ali Afif (Adel Lamy 46'), Hassan Al-Haidos (Musab Mahmoud 46'), Abdulkadir Elias.

vs. Oman 4.11.2011
Qasem Burhan (Papa Malick 46'), Hamid Ismail, Marconi Amaral (Lawrence Quaye 46'), Bilal Mohammed (Ibrahim Al-Ghanim 46'), Meshal Mubarak, Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti (Musa Mohammed Abbas 74'), Yunis Ali Rahmati (Khaled Saleh Hussein 46'), Hussain Ali Shehab (Khalid Muftah 60'), Mohammd Omar, Sebastian Soria, Majid Mohammed (Majdi Siddiq 46').

vs. North Korea 31.12.2010
Qasem Burhan, Hamid Ismail, Mohammed Kasola (Talal Al-Balushi 71'), Bilal Mohammed (Musa Haroon 46'), Ibrahim Majed (Khaled Muftah 46'), Lawrence Quaye (Mohammed Abdul Rab Yazidi 65'), Fabio Cesar (Abdulaziz Al-Sulati 46'), Wisam Rizk (Ali Afif 46'), Hussein Yasser Mohammady (Khalfan Ibrahim 46'), Sebastian Soria (Yusuf Ahmed 46'), Mohamed Gedo.

vs. Iraq 12.10.2010
Saad Al-Sheeb (Omar Barry 46'), George Kwasi (Mesaad Al-Hamad 46'), Hamed Shami (Meshal Mubarak 46'), Mohammed Kasola, Bilal Mohammed (Ibrahim Al-Ghanim 46'), Yunus Ali Rahmati (Mohammed Abdul Rab Yazidi 46'), Talal Al-Balushi (Hussein Yasser Mohammady 46'), Khalfan Ibrahim (Wisam Rizk 46'), Abdulaziz Al-Sulati (Ali Afif 72'), Majid Mohammed (Jarallah Al-Marri 72'), Sebastian Soria (Mohamed Gedo 72').

Goal: Majid Mohammed 33'
Yellow: Rahmati 45'

vs. Oman 7.9.2010
Saad Al-Sheeb, Mohammd Kasola, Mesaad Al-Hamad, Fawaz Daoud Al-Khater, wisam Rizk, Khalfan Ibrahim (Ali Afif 46'), Fabio Cesar (Hamid Ismail 78'), Majdi Siddiq (Nasser Nabil Salem 46'), Mohammed Abdul Rab Yazidi, Hussein Yasser Mohammady (Hassan Al-Haidos 46'), Jarallah Al-Marri (Fahad Khalfan 46').

Goal: F.Cesar 68'
Yellow: Siddiq 38'

vs. Barain 3.9.2010
Qasem Burhan (Mohammed Mubarak 80'), Bilal MOhammed, George Kwasi, Mohammed Kasola, Hamed Shami, Majdi Siddiq (Fabio Cesar 62'), Wisam Rizk, Talal Al-Balushi (Mohammed Abdul Rab Yazidi 80'), Khalfan Ibrahim (Saad Satam Al-Shammari 84'), Jarallah Al-Marri (Fahad Khalfan 62').

Goal: Siddiq 41'
Yellow: Al-Balushi 16', Kasola 19'

vs. Mali 2.1.2010
Time of sub at 88'
Yellow: Talal Al-Balushi, Ali Afif, Bilal Mohammed
Also given in the starting XI is Khaled Saleh Zkiba not Khaled Saleh Al-Qahtani. The given DoB for the former is 19.6.1986 instead of the 22.11.1986.