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Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:03 am
by bakerrp
I wish I did! I've had my Arabic speaking friends searching Bahrain and Oman news sources but, bizarrely, it doesn't seem to have been reported properly. It also seems strange that WAFF stopped publishing the match details just when the final of the tournament came around.

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:44 am
by @Ki
Yes indeed, it's a shame when I think we manage to find such difficult things such as "Local A-team matches" for some African countries and nothing about such important tournaments, even more when it comes to their finals and 3rd-place finals...

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:45 pm
by s2pid
Some partial line-ups.

vs. Azerbaijan 15.10.2008

Goal: Rashid 18'

Said Jafer, Abdulla Fatadi, Housseyn Mohammed, Abdulla al-Dakil, Jaysi Okvunvanve, Alaa Hubail, Mahmud Abdulrahman, Salman Isa, Rashid Jamal-Salem, Abdulla Omar, Said Mohammed Adnan.

Formation and subs unknown. This is from azerisport and in the line-up is Rashid Jamal-Salem, however Gulf Daily News gives the scorer as Jamal Rashid and apparently these are two different players.

vs Jordan 28.12.2010

Goals: Aaish 30' pen, Abdullatif 69'

Ahmed Mushaimi - Abdulla Al Marzooqi, Ebrahim Al Meshkhas, Abdulla Ismail Omar, Salman Issa - Abdulwahab Ali, Abdulla Fatai, Mohammed Salmeen, Faouzi Aaish - Abdulla Al Dakheel, Ismail Abdullatif.

Report implies a 4-4-2,but the exact position of players might not be fully accurate. Subs unknown.

vs. Saudi Arabia 31.12.2010

Abbas Ahmed - Hussain Baba, Ebrahim Al Meshkhas, Abdulla Al Marzooqi, Abdulla Ismail Omar - Salman Isa , Faouzi Aaish, Abdulwahab Ali, Mahmood Abdulrahman - Ismail Abdullateef, Abdulla Al Dakheel.

Report implies a 4-4-2, but again the exact position of players might not be fully accurate. Known subs: Jaycee John, Saleh Abdulhameed.

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 12:49 pm
by bakerrp
Jordan 28/12/2010 Subs are as follows: Rashid al Hooti for Isa, Hamad al Enezi for Fatadi, Abbas Ayad for Salmeen, Mahmoud Abdulrahman for al Dakheel, and Hussein Baba for Abdul Latif

Saudi 31/12/2010 Subs are as follows: Saleh Abdulhamid for al Marzouqi (9 mins), Rashid al Hooti for Isa (24 mins), Hamed Rakea for Baba (64 mins), Abdulla Fatadi for Abdulwahab (65 mins), Jaycee John for al Dakheel (67 mins) and Abbas Ayad for Abdul Latif (80 mins)

For the Azerbaijan game, Rashid Jamal's full name is Rashid Jamal Salem Mohamed Saleem, so I think we can assume he's Rashid Jamal Salem.

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:53 pm
by s2pid
vs. Kuwait 4.11.2011

The data is already there but is that really correct? I don't know about Kuwait but for Bahrain the starting line-up should be:

Abbas Ahmed - Ali Khalil, Mohammed Daij, Ebrahim Al Obaidy, Saleh Abdulhameed - Hammad Rakea, Mohamed Salmeen, Hamad Faisal Al Shaikh, Hassan Jameel, Faouzi Aaish - Sami Al Hosani.

Goal: Mahmoud Abdulrahman 45' (Must have been a first half sub unless it's a mistake in the report and should be 46'??)

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:25 pm
by bakerrp
That was the line-up originally posted, but it made little sense in the context of the reports in both Bahraini and Kuwaiti sources. Eventually I tracked down a Bahraini source which gave a very different account of who actually played, and who were the substitutes. This source agreed with the published descriptions of the match. Although Ringo started, and was not a first half substitute, the goal was actually scored almost immediately after the restart. I can imagine some reporters describing that as 45 minutes, although logically anything in the second half has to be the 46th minute, even if it is 45 minutes and 10 seconds.

The details, as I garnered them, are as follows (as usual for Arab reports very little detail of the time of substitution is given):

04/11/11 Kuwait 0 Bahrain 1 Sabah al Salem, Kuwait Yasser AL RUWAIHI (Oman)

KUWAIT Nawaf AL KHALDI, Khalid AL QAHTANI (Fahad AWAD), Mohamed RASHID, Mesaed NADA, Amer MATOUK, Jarragh AL ATAIQI (AL BISHI 46), Fahad ANSARI, Abdul Aziz AL MISHAAN (Hussain MUSAWI), Bader AL MUTWA (Ali AL KANDARI), Walid ALI (Talal NAIF), Youssef NASSER

BAHRAIN Abbas AHMED (Hussain HARAM), Saleh ABDULHAMID, Daoud SAID (Mohamed DUAIJ), Waleed AL HAYAM (Ali JUMAA), Ibrahim AL OBAIDLY, Hamad RAKEA (Ali KHALIL), Fauzi AAISH, Sayed DHIYA (Hamad FAISAL), Mahmoud ABDULRAHMAN (Hassan JAMEEL), Ismail ABDULLATIF (Sami AL HOSANI), Mohamed TAYEB (Mohamed SALMEEN)

Goal: Abdulrahman 46

Al Bishi is Fahad al Rashidi's nickname.

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:48 pm
by s2pid
Good thing there are other sources then! :D

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:09 am
by Benjamin
Kind of hard to change that at the moment, as I am still adding match data for 2012. But it will come.

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:31 pm
by s2pid
Partial vs. Thailand 10.10.2013 - Non-FIFA

Sayed Mohammed Jaffar, Mohammed Hussain, Saleh Abdulhameed, Rashed Al Hooti, Abdulwahab Ali, Sayed Ahmed Jaafar, Abdulwahab Al Malood, Mahmood Abdulrahman, Isa Ghaleb, Sami Al Hossain, Abdulla Saleh

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:43 pm
by bakerrp
As you'd expect, there were a number of substitutions. Thank my friend Ruchira, who was at this match for the full details. Sadly, no referee.

10/10/13 Thailand 1 Bahrain 0 Rajamangala, Bangkok

THAILAND Sinthaweechai HATHAIRATTANKOOL, Wasan HOMSAEN, Cholratit JANTAKAM, Pratum CHUTHONG (Pirat SOKAM 78), Korakod WIRIYAUDOMSIRI (Noppol PITAFAI 85), Adul LAHSO (Ratchapol NOWANNO 46), Narong JANSAWEK, Pichit JAIBOON, Jakkrapan KAEWPROM (Chatree CHIMTALAE 12), Surachet NGAMTIP, Teerasil DANGDA

Goal: Chimtalae 49

BAHRAIN Sayed JAFFAR (Abbas AHMED 46), Mohamed HUSSEIN (Abdulla AL HAZZA 3), Saleh ABDULHAMED, Rashed AL HOOTI, Abdulwahab ALI, Sayed Ahmed JAFFAR, Abdulwahab AL MALOOD, Mahmoud ABDULRAHMAN (Said DHIYA 46), Isa GHALEB (Hamed AL DAKHIL 66), Sami AL HOSANI (Mohamed AL TAYEB 70), Abdulla SALEH (Daoud SAID 76)

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:13 pm
by mikaelj
Thailand made two more substitutions in the game vs Bahrain

My notes are
Tha:18 Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool (C)-23 Wasan Homsaen,4 Cholratit Jantakam (5 Panuwat Failai 89),3 Pratum Chuthong (6 Pairote Sokam 79),11 Korakod Wiriyaudomsiri (2 Noppol Pitafai 86)-12 Adul Lahso (17 Ratchapol Nawanno 46),20 Narong Jansawek,19 Pichit Jaibun,13 Jakkraphan Kaewprom (9 Chatree Chimtale 13),7 Surachet Ngamtip (16 Mongkol Thosakrai 68)-10 Teerasil Dangda

The full game can be watched here

Re: Bahrain missing match data

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:46 pm
by s2pid
Looks like the match vs. Kuwait on 9.9.2013 has been left out. While the game against Iraq in the WAFF which looks to be their Olympic team has been added. Perhaps that should be deleted.

Sayed Mohammed Jaffar, Mohammed Hussain, Hussain Baba (Saleh Abdulhameed 46'), Abdulla Saleh (Dawood Saad 57'), Waleed Al Hayam, Abdulwahab Ali, Sayed Ahmed Jaffar, Dheya Saeed (Isa Ghalib 46'), Mahmood Abdulrahman (Abdulwahab Al Malood), Sami Al Husseini (Hassan Jameel), Ismaeel Abdullatif.

Goal: Al Malood 73'