Lars Ricken's retirement

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Lars Ricken's retirement

Post by @Ki » Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:50 pm

Some of you may have heard about Lars Ricken announcing his retirement last week.
This player was my idol, the one player who made me discover football thanks to his wonderful goal during the 1997 Champions' League final against the Juventus.
However, I think he didn't have the career he deserved :(
He stays in Dortmund's staff, and I really think that one day he will become a good manager for Dortmund.

If some of you used to know him, what do you think about him ?

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Post by Benjamin » Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:34 pm

Great potential, some very good years - but never really lived up to the expectations everyone had in Germany. One of the few german players of his generation who actually knew what to do with a ball. Nice bloke, too, I'll miss him.
Cursing at sudanese football line-ups since 2004.

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