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    SiebenW, what do you think? I am willing to take it down.

    No. I definitely prefer this game to stay. For me it has the same status like qualifier games which got annulled after a team forfeited after playing some matches. When it was played, players and people considered this to be an official match. And it got annuelled afterwards. Reasons might be different to these forfeits during qualifiers, but personally I would stick to it.

    Another reason is that I always want to have every game played between two full senior national teams. Even if annulled this match is part of the history of these two countries. But maybe it is possible to make a footnote, like under "Events" there could be a last event like "annulled because of match fixing", to make it clear why it doesn't appear under FIFA matches.

    *Stats for Abbas Assi here:

    I don't know his DoB, but globalsportsarchive says he's 25 (…soccer/abbas-assi/193920/)

    **Change Mahmoud Sablini to Mahmoud Siblini

    Nehme1499 Great find by yours, in fact also the Emirates listed Abbas Assi in the squad on their website and not Abbas Atwi. It was a very experimental squad with young players. For Abbas Assi it has been his only cap so far, without your help we would have missed him. Also great work on the 2009 Thailand game.

    1996-03-22 United Arab Emirates vs. Egypt

    So, that's the first game. I saw that national-football-teams had been missing the entire Emirati infos. Thankfully, around 6' minutes in the tube the Emirate line-up was written on the screen. By skipping through the tube I saw some event graphics, like a yellow card for Zuhair Bakheet. Sadly, I couldn't see any clock running, so if we want to know minutes, we have to do the maths by ourselves starting from kick-off.
    During the second half, we see a substitution at this point : Number 14 is going off and 22 is entering the game. Number 14 was by the starting line-up graphic Khamis Saad. By the new substitution graphic Number 22 is "Saeed Khamis", as in the system we don't have any player by this name, and this name looks really similar to the exchanged player, I am not sure if this graphic is correct.

    I don't know if we have guys here who enjoy watching old tubes of historic matches to find out some missing substitutions or yellow cards. Personally, watching old games is definitely not my hobby. Here I must admit that my auditory understanding in any foreign language is really poor. But maybe we have guys here who are really enjoying watching historic games finding out some missing details which would get lost otherwise.

    This one seems to be very unofficial for Saudi Arabia. ksa-stats does not have it, neither does globalsportsarchive. Not sure what kind of team Saudi Arabia used for that game.

    The Saudi team that played Latvia (in Portugal) was exactly the same squad which played hosts Portugal three days later, and another three days later Bulgaria (again in Portugal). No team had more than 6 subs, so I don't know why this game shouldn't be considered a FIFA-match. I haven't found the ksa-stats list, and even globalsportsarchive can miss a game. I googled for some match articles in Arabic and English and all hits sounded to me like a regular friendly.

    that's why I added Footballdatabase.

    For the international matches of 1997 difficult to have better than 11vs11 right?

    And (most of) the Zambian goalscorers currently listed on national-football-teams, are not listed in the national-football-teams line-ups or substitutions in the concerned matches. So having scored without playing is even less reliable.

    NO! That's incredible bullshit.

    Gabriel González was the reserve goalkeeper on the bench. Terry Boss was the starting keeper. Noah Delgado was the team captain for that match, of course he and Andrés Pérez were starters.

    soccerscout please have in mind that FIFA match reports have many mistakes, so don't waste your time comparing them with national-football-teams reports. national-football-teams has much less mistakes than FIFA.

    On the team photo I can see clearly Ahmed Maher. So you were correct listing him as starter.

    Very good observation, majope

    Not really mistakes (besides the time of substitution can differ some minutes), it's just that from six substitutions we have only 2 listed on national-football-teams. Though we have listed Joël Tagueu for giving the assist, but not yet he is listed as substitution in. Besides him also Jacques Zoua, Ambroise Oyongo and Pierre Ramses Akono came in as subs, according to local source:…st-reussi-pour-les-lions/

    ajub  Benjamin

    Wie ihr darauf kommt, dass Naeem Rahimi im Spiel am 25. Dezember eingewechselt wurde, erschließt sich mir nicht, da es nach meiner Recherche weder Video- noch Bildmaterial von dem Spiel gibt.

    Ich tippe mal der Dateneinpfleger hat das Spiel vom 28.Dezember mit dem vom 25.Dezember verwechselt, und Naeem Rahimi für das falsche Spiel als Einwechselspieler festgelegt. Leider scheint diese Verwechselung gleich in doppelter Hinsicht passiert zu sein, da
    die von Ajub angesprochene Verbesserung von Zubayr Amiri anstatt Zohib Islam Amiri für das Spiel am 25.Dezember eingepflegt wurde, und nicht für das am 28.Dezember. Am 25.Dezember war aber Islam Amiri in der Startelf: Startelf 25.Dezember

    Fassen wir also mal zusammen was getan werden muss um die gefundenen Fehler zu berichtigen:
    2018-12-25 Afghanistan vs. Turkmenistan
    es spielte in der Startelf Zohib Islam Amiri (und NICHT Zubayr Amiri)

    2018-12-25 Afghanistan vs. TurkmenistanNaeem Rahimi wurde NICHT eingewechselt



    2018-12-28 Afghanistan vs. Turkmenistan

    es spielte in der Startelf Zubayr Amiri (und NICHT Zohib Islam Amiri)



    2018-12-28 Afghanistan vs. TurkmenistanZohib Islam Amiri wurde eingewechselt



    2018-12-28 Afghanistan vs. TurkmenistanNaeem Rahimi wurde eingewechselt



    2018-12-28 Afghanistan vs. TurkmenistanJabar Sharza wurde eingewechselt



    2018-08-19 Afghanistan vs. Palästina

    Fardin Hakimi eingewechselt für Adam Najem (NICHT Adam Najem für Adam Najem)


    Vom Spiel Afghanistan gegen Turkmenistan, meine ich einige Bilder gesehen zu haben. Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere war es eine turkmenische Seite in den sozialen Netzwerken. Die Turkmenen hatten das erste Spiel in grünen Trikots gespielt. Das zweite Spiel war in weißen Trikots. Leider erinnere ich mich nicht an die Seite und kann diese auch nicht wiederfinden. Auf der fb-Seite des turkmenischen Teams habe ich leider auch nur einen screenshot vom Spiel gefunden,


    , der aber zumindest die grünen Trikots belegt.

    I don't have Fardan Hakimi in the line-up, so there is probably a mistake here somewhere? Could well be us.

    90. Fardin Hakimi for Adam Najem (2:16:16)

    Adam Najem was the starter and Fardin Hakimi came in as a substitute. Like we can see in the video by picture and by text. If you can read arabic letters you can read the full substitution for both players. If you can read just latin letters you see at least Najem on the back of the outgoing player.

    ajub GOOD JOB. Here on national-football-teams we really miss guys watching games to get substitutions complete. You did a great job by giving us the time in the video, so we can have a see to doublecheck like in this case. Also congratulations for your work on the Turkmenistan friendlies.

    [quote='bakerrp',''] ... I suppose we'll have to change the country name if the new constitution comes out, as the king has declared that it should now be called eSwatini. Unusual in that it starts with a lower case letter! ... [/quote] Not necessarily. The english "Swaziland" was the official name adopted into their local language (Swazi). Now, "they" (or to be more concrete the king) changed the official name to eSwatini, which fits to the Swazi language. But in the english language Swaziland stays Swaziland, and btw in german it is "Swasiland", with a slightly different spelling. The thing behind is that countries have different names in different languages, another example would be "Côte d'Ivoire", using officially the french version for their country name, but in english it remains "Ivory Coast", just like we have it here on national-football-teams. If this site would be run in Swazi language, I would agree that we have to change the name to "eSwatini", but as this site is driven in english I see no need to change the name. @bakerrp Just my point of view to the name's topic. Your work on the match report is great, like always.
    [quote='soccerscout',''] Aren't these two actually the same player? [/quote] Yes, they are the same player and the correct spelling by the LGF (Ligue Guadeloupéenne de Football) is RONAN HAUTERVILLE.
    ONE MORE MISTAKE regarding the Adama Traoré case. 2017-09-05 MALI vs. Morocco The substitute was NOT Adama Traoré (AS MONACO) was NOT in the starting eleven. His number is #19 Instead, the substitute was Adama Traoré (TP Mazembe) His number is #14 First evidence is the number of the substitute which was #14. Second evidence is that only the TP Mazembe player was on the squad list [url][/url]
    [quote='mikaelj',''] Yesterdays game between what probably was Jordans under 23 team and Libyas chan team... Amman Jordan 1-1 Libya JOR:Mousa Al Tamari 52 LBY:Faisal Al Badri 75pen Venue:King Abdullah International Stadium Referee:Turki al Khudair KSA Booked:Saeed Murjan 83 JOR:12 Yazid Abu Laila- 18 Jonathan Tamimi,3 Tariq Khattab,5 Yazan Arab,21 Mohamed Al Dumieri (c)- 13 Mousa Al Tamari (16 Yazan Thalji 71),17 Rajai AMyed (23 Ehsan Haddad 65),6 Saeed Murjan,7 Yosef Al Rawadesh (10 Musab al Laham 83)- 14 Malik Abdul Hadi (8 Yosef Al Nabr 82)- 20 Hamza Aldarduor (9 Baha Faisal 77) Coach:Jamal Abu Abed LBY:1 Mohamed Nashnush (c)- 16 Ali Maetouq,15 Ahmed Al Trbi,8 Sanad Masoud Warfali,3 Motasem Sabbou- 18 Faisal Al Badri (14 Muhannad Mustafa Ito 85),6 Abdulmuen Khumaj,20 Shamik Faraj Obaidi (21 Abdelsalam Fitouri 58)- 7 Mohamed Tubal (10 Zakaria Al Harish 35),9 Mohamed Ghanoudi (23 Khaled Maryam Magdi 82),17 Mohamed Soula (11 Muftah Taktak 65) Not used:22 Ahmed Azzagah (GK),12 Fatih al Talhi (GK),5 Tariq al Gamal Coach:Omar Al Marimi [/quote] It's still listed on the FIFA site, so I hope we can see it on the national-team-football records as well. Together with the Bahrain-Kuwait friendly, these are the last two missing games for 2017.
    [quote='Benjamin',''] [quote='PAULOM37',''] Be careful it's a wrong Amara Traoré who plays, the true player who play in TP Mazembe. [/quote] I don't quite get what you are trying to tell me here. [/quote] What he wrote: 2017-10-06 MALI against IVORY COAST Adama Traoré (AS MONACO) was NOT in the starting eleven. His number is #19 Instead, a STARTER was Adama Traoré (TP Mazembe) His number is #14 PAULOM37 is correct. I have the team pics for all the Mali world cup qualifiers, and on them we can see clearly that Adama Traoré (TP Mazembe) was a starter against Ivory Coast. Btw, Adama Traoré (AS Monaco) was a starter in Gabon five days later, so you got that one correct.
    Great work! @bakerrp Here is the link to the CAF sit [url][/url] From there you come to the docs of the 6 regions for CHAN qualifiers.