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    I already changed it (Usually I correct these things whilst looking at stuff after adding it), but it might still be in your cache for a day or so.

    I hope the melanesian cup has been dealt with sufficiently by me, it was very interesting, with loads of players having switched clubs. Looks much better now.

    Personally, I would prefer keep on going by the Melanesian Cup. It's the same region and the same tournament. Still called Melanesian Cup in 2022, even if the new label name is "MSG Prime Minister's Cup". Never knowing how many editions will be played before the next new label will be launched, forcing us to create more and more tournaments in our system which is actually just one. So, I would just create a 2022 edition for Melanesian Cup. Just my point of view.

    If you think so - you are usually right concerning these issues. ;)


    Any luck with your developer returning from South Africa to add in the MSG Prime Minister's Cup / Melanesian Cup? Thanks for all your hard work!

    He is looking into it today. Sorry, I completely forgot about this, too much work at the moment.

    Hi - I think I added everything except the melanesian cup matches. At the moment we have a problem with newly created tournaments (which I had to do, as the cup changed its name), we cannot edit them. So I have to wait until my programmer comes back from South Africa. It's abit of a mess, really sorry.

    Wikipedia also has it wrong, as well as a few other sources. In general, the amount and trustworthiness of the data on the African Nations Championship has been declining over the last years. Noone seems to care, really, and unfortunately, that includes me. Hate to do these games, loads and loads of work, and creates so many players that will never have a real national team career.

    Great work, and I have started on the first match. There is a problem with that match, though, Senegal has 12 players in the starting formation.

    Thanks a lot, though, this might take some time, but it's a really great data colleection, and you saved us a lot of time!

    I'm not sure why this is but Karl Namnganda has 8 appearances and 1 goal listed as his top-line stats and this is also listed in his National Team Appearances section, but looking at the individual matches he actually has 9 appearances and 2 goals. Do you know why one of the matches has not been noticed by the other sections? Many thanks


    I had not updated the CAR section after adding the game stats. Sometimes that is my fault (I suspect in this case) because I just forget, sometimes the update just happens in one of those moments where the system is down for some seconds, and then I don't notice. It happens. ;)

    Somalia & Tanzania line-ups just after the ten minute mark here:

    The CHAN qualifiers stats are, as usual, very hard to get. I am not sure if I will tackle them until I get back from my summer holiday, so some time around mid-August. Sorry for that, but at least until then we will have qzute a lot of match data of these games.

    Hi - no, there is not. It's much too much work already, we are only a very small team.

    If we had 10-20 people working full-time on the database, we would certainly do womens' teams, and maybe youth teams as well. But it's only me working full-time, and some very nice people helping out here and there, and actually dedicating quite a lot of their spare time to this site. For free.

    Games we are still missing the data for, some of them might not be full internationals:

    05/23 Kuwait - Malaysia

    05/25 Oman - Thailand

    05/30 Thailand - Uzbekistan

    05/31 Jordan - Vietnam

    06/02 Mozambique - Lesotho

    06/05 Eswatini - Lesotho

    06/08 Mozambique - Eswatini

    06/17 Djibouti - Mauritania

    I will wait a few more days, then I will do a last search and then add the games as either missing or partially missing.

    I will not add the Congo game against Niger, that one is too strange with these players re-entering the game. It would also destroy our stats, as a player re-entering will be counted as getting two caps. It also looks as if the game was not played in two halfs, but three segments? We never add those games where they make up the rules as they want to.

    So I am sorry for the work you put in this one, but we won't add it.

    Nimba Kwado is a club, not a player. ;)


    Mvuemba is not entry in this game (64e):

    So, I changed this. Then I had long look at it again, because this is the only game of Mvuemba we have for the DR Congo, and I would have to delete him if he never played for the DR Congo. But when I looked at the game, you can clearly see that two players od the DRC are being substituted at this time, not only one. They only have the caption for the Lembi/Kasongo switch, but clearly there is a second player substituted in. So I put Mvuemba back in that game. Please be more careful with infos like this in the future.