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    Hi - two things.

    1. We are working our way slowly back though the years, so we can't rwally add the stuff before 1985, which is the year we are currently working on.

    2. We add players for years if we have match data. If a player has not played for a team in a year, we don't add him, even if he sat on the bench. So, if you have match data for any Bahrain games, we can add that. It doesn't have to be the full data, parts of it are enough.

    Please fix these:

    4. Capeo (https://www.national-football-…m/player/79463/Capeo.html) and Claudio (https://www.national-football-…player/79462/Claudio.html) never played for Ecuador, I searched for the two on 11v11 and these pages doesn't exist.

    This game is highly problematic. It seems to be official for Iran, while Ecuador used an Olympic Team. It really should be Non-FIFA, and I will change that.

    11v11 is a nice site, but highly unreliable when it comes to a lot of match info. At the moment their page is down due to maintenance, so I can't check what they have on that match. Our information seems to come from the Team Melli site.

    Myrto Uzuni (https://www.national-football-…er/72113/Myrto_Uzuni.html) started playing football in the 2011/12 season with Doxa Pigadakia of Greece, and later transferred to Tomori Berat of Albania in the 2012/13 season. So please fix this article. Thank you!

    The time at Doxa Pigadakia seems to have been with their youth team, and we don't do these.

    And he made his first games for Tomori in 2013/14. So I don't see a need to change his profile.

    The next batch of matches is happening, and I can't find anything.

    Grenada vs Saint Lucia (3.3. and 5.3.)

    Bahamas vs Turks & Caicos (3.3. and 4.3.)

    Saint Barthelemy vs SInt Maarten (4.3.)

    Anguilla vs Saint Martin (4.3.)

    This is great, thank you. Have you got anything on the French Guiana vs Martinique games? seems to agree with you, and they are the go-to place for Saudi stats. So I changed it.

    Maybe it's supposed to be a prank, and he and his youtube followers get enjoyment through him acting like a complete moron?

    It was really quite annoying, and took us a lot of time. Time that we really need for other things. I mean, look at how little time I have for the forum, and you guys are really important for the site!