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    There is still only 10 players in the Lebanon starting line-up, but great stuff anyway. I love adding these!

    I don't think I am going to add them at this time. The only Non-FIFA countries I have time to work on at the moment are those that compete in championships with full FIFA members.

    Add match between Lebanon and Mandatory Palestine: 27 April 1940

    Match details at:…_v_Lebanon_football_match

    (Please note: Nazim Sayad (the Lebanese GK)'s club, Tripoli, is NOT the same Tripoli of today, so don't put a club if you create his page, as it's unknown to which "Tripoli" sources are referring to).

    Hi - at the moment there really is no time to add a single friendly from 1940. We will add match stats back in time, and we are in the middle of 1997 at the moment.

    With that many substitutions, it can't be a full FIFA game. Even if FIFA lists it on their site, they make a lot of mistakes.

    Globalsportsarchive has that one under Non-FIFA, so I will make it Non-FIFA too, even though I don't know why.

    Another thing - has anybody got the missing data from the West Asian Championships? Quite annoying, that one. Also the CHAN qualifiers are not looking too good. Should i put up the last games as "missing". Good lord, that competition really is the most annoying in world football. Tons of work, and so many careers that never lead to singke game for the A team.

    Hi, in the match South Korea vs Poland (2:2) played 2011-10-07 (https://www.national-football-…2/South_Korea_Poland.html) Hong, Chul didn't play for South Korea.

    Here (…ch_val=%ED%99%8D%EC%B2%A0) you can see the matches played by him with the national team in the official website of KFA (this match doesn't appear) and here (…rsor=#cursor_location_sub) you can see the report (maybe confused with Hong, Cheol),

    Hi - which Hong Cheol would that be? Because in all the sources I could find (had a brief look) it seems that Hong Chul actually did play. That match against Poland was unofficial, though. The link you posted will not open for me.

    I don't have Fardan Hakimi in the line-up, so there is probably a mistake here somewhere? Could well be us.

    So, as you can see, we changed the forum. I am really sorry for neglecting this forum so much, but it all will be different now. As you know, we are a very small operation, it's basically me, Florian who does the programming and a few volunteers who add data. So if we have a problem, it can take quite some time to fix it.

    I will look through the forum tomorrow, and add everything that we have been missing.

    [quote='soccerscout',''] Which of Alcénat's games in 2008 do you consider non-FIFA? They are all FIFA games: [/quote] It's the game against Guatemala, on the 23th of April. Guatemala had 8 subs, so according to FIFA's own rules, this shouldn't be a full FIFA game. Mind you, FIFA has loads of these games in their archives, sometimes even with 10 subs. Since some time in 2004 (the exact date is not completely clear to me, but it could be July 1st), FIFA only considers matches full FIFA games when they have no more than six substitutes. Now, if FIFA lists games with seven subs on their site as full FIFA games, I accept that. Why, I hear you ask? Because in the past, associations have made appeals to FIFA to count games as full FIFA games, even when they had a sub too much, and sometimes these appeals go through. England had one, I seem to remember, although I can't tell you which game it was. Sadly, FIFA doesn't communicate this at all. So with seven subs I give the game the benefit of the doubt, if it is listed by FIFA as a full FIFA game. But I have to draw the line somewhere, and I do it as soon as we have 8 subs. What this comes down to, is that FIFA is doing an extremely bad job. They don't properly look at the matches on their site, and the whole system when a game is considered a full FIFA game is, well, shit. I really have to put this somewhere ob the site, maybe the FAQs, as i have been having this conversation far too often.