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    1985-03-31 Congo vs Zaire

    Is on youtube

    There are two line-up graphics. If I got it right the first 11 player listed are the starters, at least on the Congo Brazza side as numbers are here not in mathematical order.
    Back these days also bench player line-up for the anthem, so we may just can say when the match kicked off. So, if there is anybody willing watching the 1 h (not entirely the whole game is on the video), to verify the starters and may spot some subs (or cards), is mostly welcome.


    I have a few more pics on which I can't yet identify all players, especially from 2014 (and 2010), the 2013 edition has already all reports. But maybe someone here has further match infos?

    mikaelj do you have some further CEMAC infos?

    Sidenode, the CEMAC Cups 2008 and 2009 are not on this side as they have been restricted to local national teams. I know it may could be a bit odd, as also other editions were played by lower strengths national sides, but at least the possibilities of foreign-based players had been open. If we could get all infos of all CEMAC editions the 2008 and 2009 tournaments could be interesting, too, but let's focus us now on the editions we have already on the webside and fill them with as much infos as possibly.

    I´d like you to add the possibility of knowing which are the non fifa matches played by a team. I know you mark them with an X but you cannot do a search to have all of them reunited. Even when you know that one match can be NON FIFA and you do the search with "favorite opponents" the results omit to put the X in the NON Fifa matches. An Example Mauritius -Comoros 2003/09/04 is a non official fifa match. You can see that in the list of 2003 Mauritius (or Comoros) matches, but if you do the research you obtain the list of the matches played between them but not if they are or not official. Can you make something please?

    I just want to add the graphics to your example, so that the side owner and the programmer can decide if it's technical possible and if it is wanted.

    This is the Mauritius 2003 match list where FIFA/non-FIFA is marked:

    But when you check the match lists of games between Mauritius and Comoros you can't see which game was FIFA or non-FIFA. At the moment the graphic view is like this:

    kilian If I got you right, your idea is to add a "FIFA/non-FIFA"-column in the "encounters between"-match list, too. So, it would look like this:

    To side owner and to programmer. If you want to reform the FIFA/non-FIFA viewing, maybe, there is also the possibility to add such a "FIFA/non-FIFA"-column to the Friendlies-match list. So, it would come clear to the users which game was FIFA and which not. In the different tournament section, I don't see it really necessary.

    An easy visible mistake is a player set as starter AND as entering substitution. After entering subs there is the outgoing player listed in brackets. So, actually you shouldn't see these brackets after any starter. If it does, it means the same player is listed as starter, too. Example:

    In this case Alsény Agogo Camara is set twice as starter and as entering sub. His namesake Alsény Cantona Camara was the starter, source and see team pic below:

    Besides namesakes, another frequent mistake can be changing the order of incoming and outgoing substitute player, so the starter (and outgoing player) is set by mistake as entering player, too which creates also the brackets with the wrongly suposed to be exchanged player.

    So, whenever you see such brackets after a starting player, you know there is a mistake.

    Bahrain v Uzbekistan 2009-06-17

    Abdulla Al Marzooqi is sent off after 77 minutes. Also every report I've read has Husain Ali Baba playing instead of Abdulla Baba Fatadi.

    Source: ESPN

    Yemen v Bahrain 2010-01-10

    I believe Husain Ali Baba is incorrectly tagged in this match. It should be Husain Ali Ahmed who comes off for Sayed Hashem Isa.

    For the match against Uzbekistan I have a picture which confirms Husain Ali Baba as starting player.

    I would be carefully here, it always can happen that a substitution such as Erick Ouma for Eric Johanna in the 81' minute (together with a 2nd substitution) goes forgotten/unnoticed. I am quite sure here on NFT are many, many forgotten/unnoticed substitutions as well. I could imagine that this was the case in the match reports of your 1st and 3rd source, not knowing exactly what was their source.
    When your 2nd source mentions "The coach handed first team debuts to Gor Mahia youngster Eric ‘Marcelo’ Ouma", it doesn't come clear to me if his starting debut was meant (he was a late sub two days before) or if this article which was a summary of the AfCoN qualifiers preparation did refer to both games in which "The coach handed first team debuts to Gor Mahia youngster Eric ‘Marcelo’ Ouma".

    So in general, if we have some sources listing subs and others don't, I would always believe in the subs having took place until we can reliable exclude the possibilities. In this case it would be footage like a video showing Eric Johanna still on the field after 82 minutes, or at best showing the entire 11 players on the field after 82 minutes.

    Ahmed Mohamed Adam 'Al-Basha' is clearly not on the picture, neither I can read his name on the 23 players list for the 2011 Arab Games:
    لاعباً وهم أكرم الهادي سليم ، إيهاب زغبير ، منير الخير ، عبد الحميد السعودي ، عروة إبراهيم ، أمين إبراهيم ، صالح الأمين ، الطاهر حماد ، أنس إبراهيم ، نزار حامد ، فريد محمد ، أحمد عبدالله ضفر ، الطاهر الحاج ، محمد أحمد ، عبداللطيف بويا ، محمد عبدالمنعم عنكبة ، محمد صلاح ، حمزة آدم ، منتصر ربيع ، إبراهيم محمد إبراهيم ، سعيد السعودي ، نصر الدين جوجو ، النعيم محمد عثمان ويشارك منتخبنا في دورة كل الألعاب العربية بالدوحة
    So, I decided to kick him out of all 3 matches of the 2011 Arab Games
    2011-12-11 vs Libya
    2011-12-14 vs Jordan
    2011-12-17 vs Palestine
    Now looking on the team pic, which I just found today, I hit on #5 as the remaining player. To me he looks like Ahmed Abdallah Adam 'Dufur' who is indeed on the squad list, see his name in bold. So, I corrected the 3 Arab Games matches to his cap list.

    Jama Boss has returned to Hamilton Wanderers (NZ) for the 2024 season. (He was born in Somalia too - link)

    Asnawi Mangkualam has joined Port FC (Thailand)

    As far as I observed, the country of birth is here on national-football-teams just to clearify in which country the city of birth is. At least, the country of birth is just visible when a city of birth is set. Makes sense to me, too. Because it avoids setting by default the national team country as country of birth. Though it may could be interesting in cases when players are born abroad, but neither these abroad countries are shown. Anyway, let's focus on finding the city of birth.

    There had been a mess, which is already corrected now but to avoid further mixtures, please not that I corrected the match

    2013-06-07 SUDAN vs Ghana

    as seen on the picture

    I did correct 3 players. Most disturbing, I (re-)set Amin Ebrahim Anklo as starter, while he had been set already before as an outgoing substitution. So, either there had been a mistake from the beginning or a wrong 'correction'.
    On a different note, I took of Mohamed Koko, strangely this was his only 2014 WCq cap on NFT, bringing him now to 0, while I have one appearance for him in my excel files. The match in doubt was the following WCq vs Zambia. Here I did the correction by recplacing Besha with Koko, so that he stands at 1 appearance in 2014 WCq again. To list you something more reliable than my excel sheets you can check the match report at GSA and AdM and you see Koko #7 like I have him in my excel, the team pic I am yet to find from that match.

    Now, to get Besha's 2014 WCq stats right, I did set Hamouda El-Bashir instead of Besha as entering sub vs Zambia, As Besha was #19 and NOT #7 like the entering sub had.…Turyanskyi.html did not play for Nyíregyháza, he left the team in april 1991.

    So, that's why I set him for 3rd tier club Tiszavasvári for that season.

    To everyone working on the database please stop kicking him out of all Hungarian clubs, when venegoor just mentioned that he did not play in the 2nd tier for Nyíregyháza.

    To venegoor great stats about Hungarian 2nd tier. Good job.

    I THINK you are missing 1 Cedric Soares game. Wikipedia and Eu-football show that he has 34 caps.

    Good find. The match in "doubt" was against Croatia 2016-06-25. By mistake Vieirinha was set as right back, which is now corrected thanks to your help. Your source eu-football comes clear, especially as we can see a team pic in the comments showing #21 Cédric Soares. To list a further source including shirt numbers I may can list the Portuguese Football Federation's match report of that match.

    So, it's corrected and Cédric is standing by 34 caps now.

    My approach here was to completely ignore your line-up in order to make my own conclussions. The squad list has been published on FDF fb channel here. I started to compare the current team pic with previous team pics to make the first evident conclussions. Then going through the squad list checking the remaining players, and came to my result here:

    I can confirm two of your doubts, see marked in green. But it was surely NOT Omar Abdallah, but Ibrahim Idriss Mohamed 'Koulmiyeh'

    I detected one further mistake in your line-up, #7 was, like usual, Mohamed Fouad.

    As there has been much confussion here and in other databases, I want to take a closer look at the local football scene in Saint Lucia. What makes Saint Lucia special is their large tradition of district representive football. A nationwide inter-district championship was even held before a nationwide club championship. With "districts", we should be aware that football districts are meant and not the current 10 political districts are meant, neither the political subdivisions, as the football districts have grown differently. This can be originated to former historical (political) districts or the higher growth in populated centres, which may can lie between two political districts or inside one political district. So, let's take a look at

    Saint Lucia's 19 football districts
    listed in geographical order starting in the north and going south-west bound around the island
    Gros Islet
    Mabouya Valley
    Mon Repos
    Vieux Fort North
    Vieux Fort South
    Roseau Valley
    Anse La Raye
    South Castries
    Central Castries
    La Clery

    All these 19 football districts have own representive teams competing in various competitions. In first place the SLFA (Saint Lucia Football Association) runs the "Island Cup" which is a league format in two divisions with promotion and relegation and knock-out finals for the top4 of each divisions. Besides this league format, the district representive teams play a knock-out tournament called "Blackheart Tournament", besides the proper Blackheart Tournament, there is often a "Blackheart Big8" Cup, too (somehow compared to a "league cup" in other countries).

    Tournaments for District teams:
    1st tier: SLFA Island Cup Premier League (league format + play-offs for top4)
    2nd tier: SLFA Island Cup Super League (league format + play-offs for top4)
    Cup: Blackheart Tournament
    (Super) Cup: Blackheart Big8

    Now, coming to the proper club football. Each of the 19 districts is running its own league, too. It can be compared a bit to Brazil's league system, because the clubs competing in the 3 Lucian nationwide leagues are still competing in their district leagues at the same time.

    Nationwide club competitions in Saint Lucia
    1st tier: SLFA 1st division (league with 10 clubs)
    2nd tier: SLFA 2nd division (league with 10 clubs)
    3rd tier: SLFA President's Cup
    The President's Cup is a promotion tournament based on a group stage and a knock-out phase for districtal clubs aplying for a nationwide division. Back in 2018 when there wasn't a 2nd division, the President's Cup was the 2nd tier to determinate the promoting teams to the 1st division. Back in 2015 when there hadn't been a 1st division league, the President's Cup was even at the 1st tier.

    So, this is the proper club football. Note that there a further football tournaments running on the island. Like the SLHTA (Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association) is running an own Championship Cup where for example Delon Neptune was playing for Coconut Bay "Hard Nuts" when getting selected for the national team in 2018. Of course, this competition runs besides the actual club football and the district football.
    Another example is the commercial league, which had been played in the mid 2000s by companies' teams, called the "Lucozade Sport-Commercial League Football Championship" in 2007.

    Youth national teams
    In order to give the young players more game time and prepare them as team for the CONCACAF competitions, the SLFA is sending regularly the u17 and u20 national team in the 2nd tier of either the club league or the district league.

    National team players in all divisions
    Having no proper professional structures inside the club competing in the nationwide (club) leagues and the bigger coverage the players receiving in the district selections (the district leagues having the same amount on matchdays like the proper club league), several players are staying at their local clubs regardless if these play 1st, 2nd, 3rd tier or even no nationwide level at all, and still get picked for the national team.

    What's next?
    In order to advance the local club football the government (The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports) and the SLFA are planning to launch a semi-professional league this january, which is set to kick off the next 3 months. I don't know in which way they want to promote this "semi-professionalism", if they either want to empower the SLFA 1st Division clubs, so that they can purchase the best players from the island (and abroad), or if they want to push the district teams, or if they run a full commercial league again like the "Lucozade Sport-Commercial League Football Championship" in 2007, or if they start a complete new league with complete new franchise teams. We will see.

    Mistakes often happen to international databases
    I would focuse on the actual club football, rather than the district representive teams. So do other databases as well. A mistake, I frequently observed here on this site, and on other websites as well, is that only the district representive team of a player ist known, and then the player is assumed to be part of the major club from his district (or the only club we have in the database). For example, most player from Anse La Raye district team, have been listed as "Young Stars" players. In the last days, I correct a few to "1987 All Stars" which was the Anse La Raye club they actually played for. So it seems all "Anse La Raye"-players had been set to "Young Stars" by default. I did observe the same for "Mabouya Valley"-players to "Rovers United", "Dennery"-players to "White House", or in a lower amount "Micoud"-players to "Pakis FC". I have corrected, what I did found, but I am quite sure there are still further such mistakes, so the ones of you following the Lucian club football on district level will surely find further corrections regarding the actual clubs. Another problem are namesakes clubs, having clubs from different districts with the same or similiar names. Like we have Rising Stars from Desruisseaux district, competing in the 2nd division in 2014, but now we have also another club in Soufrière called Rising Stars, after Ghetto Stars YO changed their name into Rising Stars in 2016. We also have "All Stars" clubs all around the island in various districts. Namesakes can also be abroad, like we have "Helenites FC" in Micoud district as well as abroad in the US Virgin Islands where "Helenites SC" is based with a strong Lucian connection.
    So, we have to be careful when setting the players' clubs.

    #23 was NOT Osama Al-Sareet but Osama Baleid Al-Sharif, I linked a pic of him in my previous post regarding the Libyan national team.

    I couldn't find the line-up for Zanzibar, so I used a different approach here. What I found was the squad list on fb. For Tanzania the starting XI was posted on fb.

    So what I did to get Zanzibar's XI, was to double-check the players from the squad list with the team pic. Of course, I felt safer when finding current photos of exact that match on players' social media channels (like in the case of Shekhani or Parapanda) than working with only archive photos (like for Mtuwi), so someone with a different approach, like checking local forums or social media, is welcome to double-check. This is what I worked out:

    20 (gk) Ibrahim Abdalla Rashid 'Parapanda'
    4 Ibrahim Abdalla Hamad 'Bacca'
    5 Baraka Shabani Mtuwi
    6 (c) Feisal Salum 'Toto'
    9 Maabad Maulid Maabad
    12 Seif Rashid Abdallah Karihe
    13 Abdulmalik Adam Zakaria 'Agrey'
    14 Hassan Nassor 'Abal'
    19 Mudathir Yahya
    22 Shekhani Ibrahim Khamisi
    26 Adeyum Saleh Ahmed


    Denis Daluri

    Not born in Brisbane (Australia) → Born in South Sudan.


    mrfil79 I love your posts with lots of good stuff. So hopefully you don't get upset because I have a different opinion in this one case. As far as I know Denis Daluri is born in Brisbane, Australia to South Sudanese parents. That's why he holds an Australian citizenship. So, that is my information, though as we don't track sources I can't provide you any further links. Doesn't mean that I am right, maybe he is born in South Sudan and went to Brisbane as a baby together with his family. There is just one point, the big datasites often set "country of birth" automatically by the national team's country when the birthplace is unknown. So, it's often suspicious if the home country/country of origin is named as birthplace without listing the exact town. I don't know what your exact sources are, but as long as we don't know the exact town of birth (to verify that he truely was born in South Sudan), I would stick to Brisbane (Australia) as birthplace.

    The confusion comes, as so often, from FIFA. Venezuela let it be known that they were sending their Under-23 side. Under FIFA regulations games against age-restricted teams can not be regarded as full internationals. FIFA then decided to ignore their own rules and classified the match as a full international.

    There is another problem regarding the "age-restricted teams", as the regulations don't apply when restrictions are self imposed, like we have many lower ranked national teams who regular play their senior side with under-23 players, just mentioning Northern Mariana's recent Pacific Games squad with just one player over 23 years (even the "Olympic" sides are allowing more). So, if the FIFA protocol for FIFA friendlies is fullfilled you can technically send any side. Of course, it is hard for us to track which games are now considered and which not as FIFA is not publishing very much, like for example I can't see which games are considered for the FIFA ranking's calculation and which not. Personally, I try to check both teams, to see if there was an age restriction or not. If one side uses overaged players, it indicates that age restriction on the other side was self imposed. Still, we actually don't want matches against non-A sides, like youth teams, local selections or else, which makes this case tricky because of Venezuela sending an actual under-23 side. Though this match was announced as a full senior international. I think it is a good choice to list the Colombia vs Venezuela friendly as non-FIFA, so everyone sees that this match was not forgotten, but something wasn't fully proper either and everybody can make his own choice. I feel a bit sorry for the Colombian players not to have counted this match as FIFA cap, but under the FIFA regulations Roger mentioned we have an argument, too not to fully count it.

    To me the NFT match report's Libyan starting line-up looks good as it is on the picture.

    #16 is Abdulsalam Dega, compare front shot and current pic at his club's fb. Not sure to who you refer with "24 Abdulsalam Muftah", but you probably meant Abdulsalam Mesbah "Dega". Anyway
    #24 is Osamah Baleid Al Shareef, also you can compare his pic at his club's fb. So, he was NOT #5.

    I must admit I just have skipped briefly to 42 mins in the video but couldn't spot any substitution there.

    The Malaysian line-up is the worst I've seen for a national team game. Ever. People seem to have come off and on as they wanted to. I can't do the resubs, because the database would then register it as two games for the player. So I will leave them out. Really, this one should probably not be added at all, but I will add it for the moment.

    Regarding RE-SUBS.

    Here in Bavaria we have re-subs in all official league games starting from county-level, which is Kreisliga (and below), that is the equivalent to German 8th (until 11th) league level. In our systems, refs just set substitutions for first entering players. The re-entering subs are not considered in the match report.

    What you can do on NFT, is setting the re-subs not as substitutions but as an event. So, they appear in the NFT match reports, but they don't get a 2nd cap counted. Overall, in this example Malaysia vs Maldives I just see two re-entering players at first sight. So, setting these few cases as event, would be my ideal solution so we can storage these games (as non-FIFA) and they don't went forgotten.