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    If the source where the photo of Jarah Al-Ateeqi is correct, they also have a photo of the starting Kuwait lineup here.

    Al-Khaldi, Al-Mutawa, Mesaed Neda, Waleed Ali, Al-Ebrahim, Al-Azemi and Yaqoub Al-Taher are all there, but I'm fuzzy on identifying the rest. This makes me believe the starting lineup NFT already has the correct starters, but it looks likely there were more subs.

    I took a look at the team pic. I started my Kuwaiti team pic collection by the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, like I did for nearly all countries. But I haven't been a massive collector in my early years, so I haven't had too much Kuwaiti team pics to compare. What I'd say is that the NFT line-up is correct. I can recognize 10 of 11 players without doubt. My only doubt is #3 Hussain Fadhel Ali (who mostly had #4). Can be the angle or the small size. It's not that I see a different player, I just want to mention that I am not 100% sure. But for sure it is not Mohamed Jarragh who normally had #3, so besides he is on your line-up he is surely NOT on the team pic. The other one Jarah Al-Ateeqi is also clearly not on the team pic. Still, we can see him pictured in the source you linked. I concluded he must be a further sub and set him as enterring sub for that match. So, your research did some good here. Starting line-up is confirmed and a further sub is added.

    Jordan v Iraq 2010-09-16

    Another retirement match apparently here as well for Faisal Ibrahim going of his wiki page here. You also have Mohammed Jamal Jarrar down as a starter and a substitute.

    Not exactly sure what to do with Faisal Ibrahim, similiar to Abu Zema case. On JFA Basem Fathi is already listed as started and match is labelled as full FIFA fixture.

    What I did repair is the Mohammed Jamal case. He is listed as starter on the match report and Alaa Al-Shaqran (who NFT hadn't before) is listed as an entering sub. So, it should be him who entered for Mohammed Jamal.

    Yeah it looks like one to leave for now until new information is found. Thanks for the looking into it.

    Bahrain v Jordan 2007-09-07

    Just two small fixes here to get to 11 players, both Hasan Abdul-Fatteh and Abdulla Deeb are starters.

    Although RSSSF have this game slightly different with Abdulla Deeb scoring the two goals and Amer Deeb starting instead of Mohammed Khamis.

    This one makes sense. Finally, and understandble Jordan issue. "A. Deeb" as source concluded to a wrong scorer "Awad Ragheb (Deeb)" has been a common source of mistake. Another stupid one, we had on NFT, Al-Maharmeh had been set as both, starter and entering sub. Everything is now adjusted as by JFA report, also Basem Fathi who had been listed as a 6th sub.


    Jordan v Armenia 2005-08-17

    This one requires a bit of help and comparison with your source as it could be a mix of both. I have the Armenian source here which is the same as yours for Armenia but different for Jordan. The Jordan team translates below:

    Feras Abu Obeid (46) / Al Awadat / Ibrahim / Saad / James / Fathi / Haitham Al Shabul (46) / Moayad Abu Keshek (46) / Hasuneh Al Sheikh (46) / Hassan Abdel Fatah (46) / Mahmoud Shelbaya (46)

    Substitutions: Amer Shafea (46) / Mustafa Shekhdeh (46) / Abdullah Abu Zema (46) / Anas Al Zboon (46) / Moayad Salim (46) / Badran Al Shagra (46)

    Now of course I doubt all 6 subs happened at half time. But one thing I have read is this was apparently Abdulla Abu Zema's last game and was captain for the occasion. There is a photo (the left one) which could be him here but the one on the right seems to show Siraj Al-Tall which backs your source as the Armenian source doesn't mention him. All a bit confusing.

    Just tried to work out the differences in the attached pic.

    Abu Zema's wiki page writes:

    Abu Zema officially announced his retirement in playing football on 25 January 2005,[3] at the age of 29, after sustaining an injury.[4] An international friendly match was played between his country Jordan and Armenia on 1 August 2005 in Amman, sponsored by Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein. After playing the first five minutes of the match, Abu Zema gave the captain armband to his teammate Haitham Al-Shboul as well as his 18 jersey shirt to his younger teammate Hassan Abdel-Fattah and left the field.

    Hence he should have been a starter, though it is out of the official procedure that an entering sub (Hassan Abdel-Fattah in this case) uses the same number (#18) as the outgoing player. So, this substitution may was skipped on the match report setting Hassan Abdel-Fattah as starter. The fact that he handed the captain armband to Haitham Al-Shboul backs the armenian line-up you found, as he should have been a starter. On the other side you mentioned Siraj Al-Tall on the pic, so neither source is 100%. Btw the source for the NFT match report was the JFA, though I supose several mistakes in their database, too. Just hard to tell, which players to kick out and which players to keep in.

    Uzbekistan v Iran 2012-06-03

    I'd lean towards backing the Team Melli report here (same with ESPN and Sky Sports) over the transfermarkt one I believe you may have used. I also have the winning goal clip, which at 0:22 shows in the bottom left of the screen, the Uzbekistan number 2 which I strongly believe is Anzur Ismoilov, who starts instead of Vitaliy Denisov. You have subs correct, but Jasur J. Hasanov is coming off when he's not in the starting lineup. He needs to replace Shavrat Mullajonov who doesn't play.

    Good find, I can confirm your observations by the team pic:

    To everybody working on the database: CASE IS SOLVED now.

    2024 Marianas Cup

    Northern Marianas vs Guam 6th april 2024 and 7th april 2024

    Same like last year 2023 the Marianas friendlies were played by youth teams. This year explicitely labelled as under-20 competition. I checked both squads and all players were under 20 years old. Not like back in 2022 when they both fielded quite inexperienced youth sides but had at least a few older guys on the field, a bit like an Olympic team which has also over-aged players. So, I understand we count te 2022 matches. Counting the 2024 (but not the 2023) matches seems a bit strange to me. But anyway, the guys who are following me here, know that I am open to list also doubtful/un-official matches (marking them as non-FIFA) and letting the users decide. Especially as Northern Marianas don't have much fixtures. Guam has posted match sheets on their fb page 6th april & 7th april. The Northern Marianas did post pic sets, but no line-ups. I could find their squad list and it was quite the squad of their 2023 Pacific Games participation minus the few older guys being older than 20 years. If you are serious here with counting the 2024 matches as senior internationals I could have a look at the NMI team pics as well, in the meanwhile I leave you the Guam team pics here:

    mikaelj  bakerrp

    You both did an absolutely amazing job regarding the march international matchday, I can't stop thanking you on behalf of the football fans worldwide.

    I really like that you are listing numbers as well. That helps much to track doubtful players, especially when a player is wrong. Also great choice of you to list numbers even if the player can't be identified. The may can be identified later when a photo gallery appears. Occassionally, I found pic galleries for the 2 matches Belize vs Puerto Rico, which I was clicking through to spot entering subs, these are the entering subs I found:

    21st march
    #7 Nahjib Guerra
    #19 Jonard Castillo
    #23 Owen Sosa
    #4 Rodolfo Sulia
    #9 Adrián Biaggi
    #17 Ian Silva

    24th march
    #11 Moises Hernández (for #8 Warren Moss)
    #13 Felix Martinez
    #15 Jardehl Muschamp
    #17 Izon Gill
    #3 Benjamín Donato
    #6 Juan O’Neill
    #22 Noeh Hernández

    These should help to fill your match report.

    I also spotted 3 South Sudanese subs in their return leg against São Tomé e Principe:
    #6 Joseph Malish
    #8 William Gama
    #20 Dhata Joseph

    To my surprise 2 of these were already set as starters, so double-checking on both starting line-ups I saw that 2024-03-26 South Sudan vs São Tomé e Principe NFT match report was completely fucked up with half of the starters being wrong.
    @everybody working on the database: The above info is set correct now, also the line-ups for the match of 2024-03-26 is corrected as seen on the following team pics:

    1985-03-31 Congo vs Zaire

    Is on youtube

    There are two line-up graphics. If I got it right the first 11 player listed are the starters, at least on the Congo Brazza side as numbers are here not in mathematical order.
    Back these days also bench player line-up for the anthem, so we may just can say when the match kicked off. So, if there is anybody willing watching the 1 h (not entirely the whole game is on the video), to verify the starters and may spot some subs (or cards), is mostly welcome.


    I have a few more pics on which I can't yet identify all players, especially from 2014 (and 2010), the 2013 edition has already all reports. But maybe someone here has further match infos?

    mikaelj do you have some further CEMAC infos?

    Sidenode, the CEMAC Cups 2008 and 2009 are not on this side as they have been restricted to local national teams. I know it may could be a bit odd, as also other editions were played by lower strengths national sides, but at least the possibilities of foreign-based players had been open. If we could get all infos of all CEMAC editions the 2008 and 2009 tournaments could be interesting, too, but let's focus us now on the editions we have already on the webside and fill them with as much infos as possibly.

    I´d like you to add the possibility of knowing which are the non fifa matches played by a team. I know you mark them with an X but you cannot do a search to have all of them reunited. Even when you know that one match can be NON FIFA and you do the search with "favorite opponents" the results omit to put the X in the NON Fifa matches. An Example Mauritius -Comoros 2003/09/04 is a non official fifa match. You can see that in the list of 2003 Mauritius (or Comoros) matches, but if you do the research you obtain the list of the matches played between them but not if they are or not official. Can you make something please?

    I just want to add the graphics to your example, so that the side owner and the programmer can decide if it's technical possible and if it is wanted.

    This is the Mauritius 2003 match list where FIFA/non-FIFA is marked:

    But when you check the match lists of games between Mauritius and Comoros you can't see which game was FIFA or non-FIFA. At the moment the graphic view is like this:

    kilian If I got you right, your idea is to add a "FIFA/non-FIFA"-column in the "encounters between"-match list, too. So, it would look like this:

    To side owner and to programmer. If you want to reform the FIFA/non-FIFA viewing, maybe, there is also the possibility to add such a "FIFA/non-FIFA"-column to the Friendlies-match list. So, it would come clear to the users which game was FIFA and which not. In the different tournament section, I don't see it really necessary.

    An easy visible mistake is a player set as starter AND as entering substitution. After entering subs there is the outgoing player listed in brackets. So, actually you shouldn't see these brackets after any starter. If it does, it means the same player is listed as starter, too. Example:

    In this case Alsény Agogo Camara is set twice as starter and as entering sub. His namesake Alsény Cantona Camara was the starter, source and see team pic below:

    Besides namesakes, another frequent mistake can be changing the order of incoming and outgoing substitute player, so the starter (and outgoing player) is set by mistake as entering player, too which creates also the brackets with the wrongly suposed to be exchanged player.

    So, whenever you see such brackets after a starting player, you know there is a mistake.

    Bahrain v Uzbekistan 2009-06-17

    Abdulla Al Marzooqi is sent off after 77 minutes. Also every report I've read has Husain Ali Baba playing instead of Abdulla Baba Fatadi.

    Source: ESPN

    Yemen v Bahrain 2010-01-10

    I believe Husain Ali Baba is incorrectly tagged in this match. It should be Husain Ali Ahmed who comes off for Sayed Hashem Isa.

    For the match against Uzbekistan I have a picture which confirms Husain Ali Baba as starting player.

    I would be carefully here, it always can happen that a substitution such as Erick Ouma for Eric Johanna in the 81' minute (together with a 2nd substitution) goes forgotten/unnoticed. I am quite sure here on NFT are many, many forgotten/unnoticed substitutions as well. I could imagine that this was the case in the match reports of your 1st and 3rd source, not knowing exactly what was their source.
    When your 2nd source mentions "The coach handed first team debuts to Gor Mahia youngster Eric ‘Marcelo’ Ouma", it doesn't come clear to me if his starting debut was meant (he was a late sub two days before) or if this article which was a summary of the AfCoN qualifiers preparation did refer to both games in which "The coach handed first team debuts to Gor Mahia youngster Eric ‘Marcelo’ Ouma".

    So in general, if we have some sources listing subs and others don't, I would always believe in the subs having took place until we can reliable exclude the possibilities. In this case it would be footage like a video showing Eric Johanna still on the field after 82 minutes, or at best showing the entire 11 players on the field after 82 minutes.

    Ahmed Mohamed Adam 'Al-Basha' is clearly not on the picture, neither I can read his name on the 23 players list for the 2011 Arab Games:
    لاعباً وهم أكرم الهادي سليم ، إيهاب زغبير ، منير الخير ، عبد الحميد السعودي ، عروة إبراهيم ، أمين إبراهيم ، صالح الأمين ، الطاهر حماد ، أنس إبراهيم ، نزار حامد ، فريد محمد ، أحمد عبدالله ضفر ، الطاهر الحاج ، محمد أحمد ، عبداللطيف بويا ، محمد عبدالمنعم عنكبة ، محمد صلاح ، حمزة آدم ، منتصر ربيع ، إبراهيم محمد إبراهيم ، سعيد السعودي ، نصر الدين جوجو ، النعيم محمد عثمان ويشارك منتخبنا في دورة كل الألعاب العربية بالدوحة
    So, I decided to kick him out of all 3 matches of the 2011 Arab Games
    2011-12-11 vs Libya
    2011-12-14 vs Jordan
    2011-12-17 vs Palestine
    Now looking on the team pic, which I just found today, I hit on #5 as the remaining player. To me he looks like Ahmed Abdallah Adam 'Dufur' who is indeed on the squad list, see his name in bold. So, I corrected the 3 Arab Games matches to his cap list.

    Jama Boss has returned to Hamilton Wanderers (NZ) for the 2024 season. (He was born in Somalia too - link)

    Asnawi Mangkualam has joined Port FC (Thailand)

    As far as I observed, the country of birth is here on national-football-teams just to clearify in which country the city of birth is. At least, the country of birth is just visible when a city of birth is set. Makes sense to me, too. Because it avoids setting by default the national team country as country of birth. Though it may could be interesting in cases when players are born abroad, but neither these abroad countries are shown. Anyway, let's focus on finding the city of birth.

    There had been a mess, which is already corrected now but to avoid further mixtures, please not that I corrected the match

    2013-06-07 SUDAN vs Ghana

    as seen on the picture

    I did correct 3 players. Most disturbing, I (re-)set Amin Ebrahim Anklo as starter, while he had been set already before as an outgoing substitution. So, either there had been a mistake from the beginning or a wrong 'correction'.
    On a different note, I took of Mohamed Koko, strangely this was his only 2014 WCq cap on NFT, bringing him now to 0, while I have one appearance for him in my excel files. The match in doubt was the following WCq vs Zambia. Here I did the correction by recplacing Besha with Koko, so that he stands at 1 appearance in 2014 WCq again. To list you something more reliable than my excel sheets you can check the match report at GSA and AdM and you see Koko #7 like I have him in my excel, the team pic I am yet to find from that match.

    Now, to get Besha's 2014 WCq stats right, I did set Hamouda El-Bashir instead of Besha as entering sub vs Zambia, As Besha was #19 and NOT #7 like the entering sub had.…Turyanskyi.html did not play for Nyíregyháza, he left the team in april 1991.

    So, that's why I set him for 3rd tier club Tiszavasvári for that season.

    To everyone working on the database please stop kicking him out of all Hungarian clubs, when venegoor just mentioned that he did not play in the 2nd tier for Nyíregyháza.

    To venegoor great stats about Hungarian 2nd tier. Good job.

    I THINK you are missing 1 Cedric Soares game. Wikipedia and Eu-football show that he has 34 caps.

    Good find. The match in "doubt" was against Croatia 2016-06-25. By mistake Vieirinha was set as right back, which is now corrected thanks to your help. Your source eu-football comes clear, especially as we can see a team pic in the comments showing #21 Cédric Soares. To list a further source including shirt numbers I may can list the Portuguese Football Federation's match report of that match.

    So, it's corrected and Cédric is standing by 34 caps now.

    My approach here was to completely ignore your line-up in order to make my own conclussions. The squad list has been published on FDF fb channel here. I started to compare the current team pic with previous team pics to make the first evident conclussions. Then going through the squad list checking the remaining players, and came to my result here:

    I can confirm two of your doubts, see marked in green. But it was surely NOT Omar Abdallah, but Ibrahim Idriss Mohamed 'Koulmiyeh'

    I detected one further mistake in your line-up, #7 was, like usual, Mohamed Fouad.