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    hi everyone,

    I don't know if this is an automatic bug or someone's mistake, but a few players that were added in the last round of international games, got added twice - once properly and once just with the player's name and that's it.

    I've seen it with Bailey Wright from Australia (deleted the extra one), and with 2 Norway fellas, 1 I don't remember but I deleted and the other is the wonder-kid Ødegaard, which I find hard to delete since his name starts with Ø and so I don't know where it "hides"...

    hi guys,

    I know I've raised this suggestion before and it was regarded as not important enough, but I really think that with the new site, this could be a very fun and interesting feature.
    the idea is to mark a family relation in a certain players' profiles and make a connection between players who are related.
    for example:
    Frank de Boer will have a mark in his profile saying "twin-brother of (link) Ronald de Boer" and they'll both be connected to each other by links. this can be done for brothers, father & son, uncle & nephew, cousins, father & son in-law and so on.

    I'm willing to take the update of this feature under my responsibility.

    what do you say guys?

    p.s. - thank you Benjamin for your kind and warm thank yous earlier this week. it is great to be appreciated every once in a while, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in updating this site and making it run and make it what it is.