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    Quote from @Ki

    Is there a way to sort matches by date on players' pages? It looks a bit messy right now...

    Fixed. Will be pushed on the server with the next update

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    On the map of the world, you can go into Europe section only if you click on Greenland or Russia. Nothing happens if you click on any part of real Europe. Can you correct that?

    Fixed. Will be visible within the next hour.

    Thanks for your contributions, the following topics are implemented and will be available after the next update (this night or tomorrow night)
    * Show Missing Matches: Matches without any data will be shown in the "matches" tab-pane.
    * "watch the games of the players in the selection": A first version is also finished, show the all matches including the number of goals and cards.
    * "after visiting (clicking) a page[..], the hyperlink (club name) was in darker colour": This is also done.